Mario Marcos
Executive Director of Education Services-Elementary
Ext. 55065

Greg Puccia, Ed.D.
Senior Director of Educational Services-Secondary
Ext. 55010

Michelle Dawson
Senior Director of Educational Technology
Ext. 46519

Jorge Torres, Ed.D.
Senior Director of College and Career
Ext. 55224

Kathy Mooneyham
Senior Director of College and Counseling Services
Ext. 55222

Mikle McBride
Career Technical Education Director
Ext. 53634

Kimberly Thomas
Administrator, Afterschool Program
Ext. 55140

Mary De Lang
Ext. 55036

Laura Henry-Brown
Principal OSA, SART & Chronic Absenteeism
Ext. 55113

Tiesha Walker
Curriculum Specialist, Student Support & Monitoring Team
Ext. 55236

Amanda Sobremesana
Administrator Educational Services
Ext. 55187

Cecelia McDuffie
Administrator Educational Services
Ext. 55043

Arlyn Villamor
Administrator Educational Services
Ext. 55087

Susana Miranda
Administrator Educational Services
Ext. 67612

Minluvi Ramos, Ed.D.
Administrative, Teacher Induction_TIPS
Ext. 55077

Shawnte Lewis
Curriculum Specialist
Ext. 55047

Jesusa Rodriguez
Curriculum Specialist
Ext. 55036

Vanesa Alvarez
Senior Administrative Technician
Ext. 55012

Francine Abea
Ext. 55057

Bernice Talanoa
Administrative Secretary
Ext. 55010

Vanessa Horton
Administrative Specialist
Ext. 55206

Mina Garcia
Administrative Technician
Ext. 55120

Marvin Varela
Office Worker
Ext. 55197

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