Staff 2020-2021

Curriculum and Instruction
Mario Marcos
Executive Director, Secondary
Ext. 55065

Khalia Lindsay
Administrator, 6-12 - ELA
Ext. 67612

Paula Rodriguez, Ph.D.
Curriculum Specialist - ELA
Ext. 55197

Alejandro Lopez
Administrator, Science
Ext. 55255

Francine Abea
Payroll Specialist
Ext. 55057

Jennifer Kang-Moon, Ed.D.
Director, Elementary
Ext. 55087

Arlyn Villamor
Administrator, K-12 - ELA
Ext. 55087

Liza Delatorre
Administrator, K-8 - Math
Ext. 55113

Alonda Bass
Ext. 55017

Minluvi Ramos, Ed.D.
Administrator, K-12, TIPS
Ext. 55077

Vicky Tucker
Administrator, 6-12 - ELA
Ext. 55036

Shawnte Lewis
Administrator, K-8 - Math
Ext. 55047

Vanesa Alvarez
Senior Administrative Technician
Ext. 55206

College and Career Readiness
Jorge Torres, Ed.D.
Senior Director
Ext. 55224

Bernice Talanoa
College & Career Specialist
Ext. 55010

Kathy Mooneyham
Senior Director
Ext. 55222

Mina Garcia
Administrative Technician
Ext. 55120

Vacant Position
College & Career Analyst
Ext. 55222

Educational Technology
Michelle Dawson
Senior Director
Ext. 46519

Devery Rodgers, Ed.D.
21st Century Specialist
Ext. 55248

La Shawn Sanders
Personnel Development Coordinator
Ext. 55017

Alvaro Brito
21st Century Specialist
Ext. 55225

Jose Ramirez
21st Century Specialist

David Parker
21st Century Specialist
Ext. 55226

Lisette Estrada
21st Century Specialist
Ext. 55229

English Learner
Jennifer Graziano, Ed.D.
Ext. 67621

Martha Munoz
Ext. 55258

Claudia Tomas
Ext. 67228

Cynthia Romero
Administrative Specialist
Ext. 55117

Joel Napoles

Judith Ortega
Senior Secretary
Ext. 55237

Black Student Achievement
Shaunte Knox, Ed.D.
Ext. 55231

Rev. 6/15/2021

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